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AI roundup: With the use of AI expanding rapidly, over 200 musicians including the Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Billie Eilish and others have signed an open letter against AI replacing the work of human artists. They urge tech companies to take steps against people stealing or using their artwork, music, writing, etc. In other news, Yahoo acquired Artifact, an AI news platform founded by Instagram co-founders. Check out more about AI news from today, April 3, 2024. 

  1. 200 artists sign open letter against AI misuse

With the use of AI, several copyright issues have come forward. With growing concerns, over 200 artists including Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, the Jonas Brothers and Smokey Robinson have teamed up to urge AI companies, tech giants, and others to tackle the use of their AI tools and protect the human rights of the artists. The collaborative letter briefly discusses how AI tools are being used to create deepfakes, voice clones, and others, according to the letter

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2. Yahoo takes over AI news platform, Artifact

Yahoo bought Artifact, Instagram co-founders’ AI-driven news platform due to struggling revenue. Now, Yahoo will integrate its own technology to provide news across the US. Yahoo said, “Artifact’s AI-powered recommendation engine and other features will help scale its news operations and deliver personalized content to the audience,” according to a Reuters report

3. Samsung announces AI-powered home appliances 

Samsung today announced several AI-powered home appliances which include refrigerators, air-conditioners, microwaves and washing machines. These appliances will be powered by Samsung’s bespoke AI and support in-built internet connectivity, cameras and AI chip. J B Park, President & CEO, of Samsung Southwest Asia said, “With the transformative power of AI, we are confident that bespoke AI will strengthen our leadership in the digital appliances market in India,” according to the press release

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4. How TCS is powering its semiconductor business 

TCS executive in an interview with Moneycontrol discussed how Tata Group’s chip manufacturing department is helping the company to build chip design, AI solutions, and more. Additionally, Reguraman Ayyaswamy, Senior Vice President and Global Head of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Engineering of TCS highlighted that the company’s future goal is to develop and expand chip design capabilities. 

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5. Indian companies with the help of AI/ML are leading the APAC markets

A new report highlighted that Indian companies are leading the Asia-Pacific (APAC) markets by adopting emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning. India is among the top five countries in generating enterprise AI transactions. Sudip Banerjee, CTO, APAC & Japan at Zscaler said, “India leading the charge in APAC when it comes to AI usage is a clear indication of the country’s unwavering commitment to leveraging technology to drive innovation and positive changes,” according to Telecom report

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