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AI roundup: AI automation has become a new trend in the tech industry. With the growing use of AI, a company named TestGrid unveiled the world’s first AI Software Tester which will simplify the automation testing process. In other news, CGI and Microsoft had a brief discussion about the digital revolution and generative AI’s impact on our lives. Know more about what happened in the world of AI in our roundup.

  1. The world’s first AI software tester announced

TestGrid a leading automation testing company unveiled CoTester, an AI-powered software tester, providing ease to the automation tester. The tool has the ability to understand complex software testing and it can work on different testing frameworks such as Selenium, Cypress, and others. Harry Rao, the CEO & Founder of TestGrid said, “Think of it as having an extra brain in your team, one that’s tireless, exceptionally knowledgeable, and infinitely adaptable,” according to a press release.

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2. IIT Delhi introduces online course for machine learning

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) has announced a six-month online course for its Certificate Programme in Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). Professionals who aim to improve their skills as Machine Learning Specialist, Deep Learning Specialist, Data Scientists, Data Analyst, AI Engineer, and others can take advantage of this course. The course also dives deep into Python programming which is essential for building skills in AI, according to a ANI report. 

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3. Wall Street in search of artificial intelligence winners

Top investment companies are now in search of new AI companies in other countries around the world, not just the tech companies in the US. Investors are in search of next potential AI companies which can revamp industry standards in various fields. Jitania Kandhari, deputy chief investment officer at Morgan Stanley Investment Management said, “We see AI as a growth driver in emerging markets. While we have previously invested in direct AI beneficiaries like semiconductors, going forward it will be key to look for companies in different industries that are adopting AI to enhance earnings, according to a Bloomberg report

4. Jamie Dimon talks about the transformational potential of AI

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon talked about future AI potential while also sharing thoughts about the importance of AI. Dimon highlighted the potential of AI to “augment virtually every job.” The letter highlighted how the company has built 400 use cases of AI in various fields such as marketing, fraud, risk, and others while also exploring generative AI, according to a Bloomberg report. 

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5.CGI and Microsoft talked about AI at the Envision 2024 conference

CGI and Microsoft hosted a technology conference called Envision 2024 which was themed as “Pioneering Digital Evolution.” The event covered several topics about the digital revolution including generative AI. Aruna Chakkirala, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft said, “As Generative AI captures our imagination and drives impact, CGI Envision has aptly captured the essence of this AI world and the tools we need to step forward,” according to a press release

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