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Two administrators in the Orange County School District are leading the push for artificial intelligence in public education.

Kunal Dalal and Wes Kriesel work with the Orange County Department of Education, specializing in AI. Their job is to streamline the process of incorporating AI into school curriculum.

“We really shower everyone with positive uses,” Dalal said. “One thing we have noticed, which is sort of unexpected, is how deep our human connections are starting to get because of AI.”

The duo joined the school district near the end of 2023, according to OCDE Newsroom. Dalal works closely with 1,200 OCDE staff members while Kriesel implements AI across 29 schools.

“We have to think creatively about these tools and how we can use it for good,” Kriesel said. “I think there’s no limit when you have human creativity coming to the solution.”

Kriesel uses AI technology to generate thoughtful conversations with students. In one example, he showed how ChatGPT could be used in a fifth grade classroom.

“What’s one hobby you enjoy doing? If you could have any superpower, what would it be,” Kriesel read. 

The duo also says AI can help with creative storytelling.

“I can ask it to create a four sequence image that tells a story,” Dalal said.

While the technology is mind-boggling to some, others say AI should be banned as it may take away from critical thinking and imagination.

Dalal says it’s all about perspective.

“This doesn’t replace. It elevates,” he said, “My son may not have the ability to imagine that deeply, but now he can go from there to I don’t even know where.”

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