After threatening Rockstar with a $10m lawsuit, the Florida Joker parodied in the GTA 6 trailer now wants to voice the character instead – Gamesradar

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The GTA 6 ‘Florida Joker’ who threatened Rockstar with a $10m lawsuit, is now taking a different approach and has asked to voice the character in the upcoming game.

Lawrence Sullivan, aka The ‘Florida Joker’, has taken to TikTok once again to ‘negotiate’ with GTA 6 developer Rockstar and parent company Take-Two after insisting that the company stole his likeness for the GTA 6 trailer that released in December. “GTA… we gotta talk,” Sullivan says again in the most recent video. “I’m really not trying to sue y’all so I’m going to give y’all an extra month” – previously, Sullivan demanded $1 – 2 million for use of his likeness.

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“Hit me up, let me voice the character, give me more storyline in the game and give me a few mill […] let’s make history happen,” Sullivan said in the TikTok. Similar to last time, Sullivan credits his content about GTA 6 for bringing more attention to the upcoming game: “Y’all see what I did for the game. We made news, we made the blogs, everybody’s covering me.” Sullivan then challenged Rockstar to find anyone in the state of Florida who could instead be considered the ‘Florida Joker.’ 

Sullivan clearly isn’t letting go of this comparison any time soon. Previously, the TikToker dyed his hair purple to demonstrate how alike he is to the character and has even gone as far as threatening to free the GTA 6 hacker as they up their compensation from a few million dollars to $10 million. Sullivan ends the video by reiterating that he doesn’t want to get lawyers involved but “if I’ve got to, I will.” 

In other Grand Theft Auto news, a GTA 5 actor has offered advice to the GTA 6 cast: “The most important thing is that the fans are the game.”

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