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Experts are warning people about AI imposter phone scams, where scammers clone people’s voices and phone numbers to try and get money from their family members.

Investigators say the fraudsters use various software bots, many of them powered by generative AI to clone voices making fraud more scalable and efficient than ever before.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, these imposter scams were the most commonly reported type of fraud in the United States last year,

“We had three families in the last month that had over $11,000 stolen and we have one family that had $100,000 Stolen as a result of an AI phone scam,” said Tony Braun, Managing Partner at American Special Investigative Group.

The scams use a loved one’s or even a boss’s voice to extract financial information,

“We’re also seeing it in the corporate gambit now, we’re now having CEOs and CFOs and their voices being cloned to then call out the accounting department,” Braun said.

Experts say the scammers are able to use AI to clone voices and phone numbers,

“AI is such a it’s such a great technology and it has the potential to do so much good in our in our environment in our society,” said Braun, “However, there’s also this nefarious aspect to it that’s being used for bad by these threat actors and again, these people, you don’t need to have any specific computer background.”

Scammers can clone the voices and get personal information from social media,

“Just having two seconds of someone’s voice recording is enough to clone their entire voice,” Braun said, “Out of 100 people, 99 people will think a cloned voice is a real voice. It’s really hard to detect.”

To avoid these scams, experts say you need to be aware,

“Anytime you get a phone call from somebody, and they are using fear and pressure to get information from you or make you want to do an act… it’s not legit,” said Braun, “I also recommend people having a password in place, sort of a seed phrase for their immediate family members, so that way, if you do get a phone call from a family member, and they’re claiming that there is an emergency, have that seed phrase in place.”

For more tips on how to protect yourself from these scams, click here.

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