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How artificial intelligence is bringing changes to searches and reservations

Those who are open to innovations are best equipped to make the most of artificial intelligence (AI) for their businesses, as Dr. Patrick Andrae, CEO of the provider of holiday homes HomeToGo, told his audience on the eTravel Stage at ITB Berlin on Wednesday. It enables the search and reservation processes to “escape the tyranny of the search bar”.

According to Andrae‘s observations the new AI tools are far from being standardised or established on specific platforms, even those that have been around for some years, if in a rudimentary form. In view of this even those in the software field who are interested should remain receptive to all kinds of developments. He recalled the humanised paper clip used by Microsoft some years ago to familiarise users with its Office package.

“Now, however, all of a sudden it has become apparent”, Andrae stated. In the near future there will firstly be “innovators, improvers and those that disappear” in a similar way to the evolution of smartphones.

He reported that the contribution last year by artificial intelligence to the sector’s sales was already 32 per cent. His company attracts users with the Beta version of an app that integrates AI in the search for holiday homes. Those who use it receive a compilation of searches and offers from the surrounding geographical area as well as from the context of his search terms’ subject matter. AI assists in defining the extent of their intentions and requirements.

“AI acts as a companion who, where doubts exist, offers alternatives.” On the other hand the supplier benefits from the improved quality and precision of the results found. Andrae draws a distinction between three levels in this development: new user experiences, improvements to the experiences obtained, and visible as well as invisible implementations. Under no circumstances will there be a “time after artificial intelligence: “AI has arrived and will remain.”

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