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Dr. Lisa Su, AMD’s CEO, delivered the keynote at SXSW the other day with her speech focused on the future of AI. “AI is the most important technology to come on the scene in the last 50 years,” Lisa Su said. Adding, “Companies that learn how to leverage AI are going to win over companies that are not.”

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su at SXSW 2024


With that, AMD is all in on AI, leveraging AI to help design better chips and software. Lisa Su added that AI is a productivity tool within AMD’s walls. With 2024 ushering in the era of the AI PC, there are already plenty of options out there (both mobile and desktop) powered by AMD Ryzen CPUs with inbuilt NPU hardware and Radeon RX GPUs with dedicated AI hardware.

Like other big players, Lisa Su and AMD advocate for an open-source ecosystem for AI because “no one company has all the answers” when it comes to building the AI future; “it takes a village.”

AI is, of course, everywhere in games and even in movies. As part of the keynote, Lisa Su was joined by David Conley, Executive VFX Producer at Wētā FX, to showcase how AMD hardware and AI was used to bring the incredible visual effects in Avatar: The Way of Water and the upcoming Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes to life.

Watch the full SXSW Dr. Lisa Su keynote and fireside chat below.

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