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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – As the world turns, more people are starting to explore Artificial Intelligence. On Monday, the North Platte Public Schools Board reviewed the AI policy.

The policy was suggested to school districts in July and developed by the North Platte Public School’s district legal council, KSB Law in Lincoln.

Superintendent Todd Rhodes said the policy outlines the process for a teacher to potentially use or have students use AI resources in the classroom and on their homework or tell students they can’t use it at all.

“There are so many different AI tools out there right now,” said Superintendent Todd Rhodes. “We really felt that we needed some sort of policy that could guide the potential use of that tool amongst our student populations. We wanted to give some guidelines for teachers, and you’d probably see that utilized a little bit more at the secondary level, probably at North Platte High School. Still, nonetheless, it will become a district policy.”

Rhodes said, “The nice thing about this is generally, when you have a new policy, it may not align with a student handbook, and therefore, you may put some language in that policy that does not become active until the school year of 2024- 2025,” said Rhodes. “In this case, since our handbook is also drafted by KSB School of Law, it aligns very nicely with our handbook. We could adopt that policy and put it into effect the day after the April meeting.”

The majority wins when adopting, amending, or changing a policy. In this case, the board would need four votes to approve the AI policy. Rhodes said, “I think the board has been very supportive of that policy when we’ve had those discussions, and I think they would like to see a process around the utilization of AI tools.”

In other businesses, there was a slight change in cell phone usage and other personal electronic devices in the restrooms and locker rooms.

You can watch the meeting here.

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