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Amid concerns of artificial intelligence replacing humans in a variety of fields, from customer service to marketing, AI is creating high-paying jobs in another realm. If you want to cash in on AI, you may find plenty of opportunities in a variety of AI-focused roles.

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Specialized Developer and Trainer for Large Language Models

Naveen Rao, head of generative AI at data storage and management startup Databricks, recently told The Wall Street Journal that software engineers who can train large language models (LLMs) and even help solve AI hallucinations are in high demand.

“There is a secular shift in what talents we’re going after,” she told WSJ, pointing out that there are plenty of engineers — but not those who specialize in LLM. With only a few hundred people in the country qualified for the role, these experts can gross compensation packages, including cash, bonuses, and stock options, of more than $1 million annually.

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AI Sales

You don’t have to be a tech guru to earn a high salary in AI, however. A search on Glassdoor revealed that sales representatives at, a digital intelligence platform, can earn up to $209,000 per year, with median pay of $156,000 including commission.

That salary might not make you a millionaire overnight, but compared to the median pay of $108,530 per year for other sales engineers, AI-focused sales professionals can do very well. It also doesn’t hurt to negotiate for stock options or equity ownership in a company if you believe in the mission and vision.

Become an AI Entrepreneur

If you have a high degree of risk tolerance and like the idea of running your own company, you may be able to launch an AI startup. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, however. In addition to an above-average work ethic, you’ll need skills, knowledge and expertise in the field. You need more than just a keen understanding of AI — you have to know how to run a company, or be willing to learn as you go.

Arthur Mensch, for instance, left Google to launch Mistral AI. At less than one year old, according to WSJ, the company is valued at more than $2 billion.

Keep Your Options Open

Salaries in the race to recruit AI talent could be compared to what dot-com millionaires commanded in the early 2000s. But today’s workers have even higher expectations and may not be easily wooed by things like “nap pods” or Beer Fridays, both common in Silicon Valley back then.

Today, tech companies are seeking to recruit entire teams away from competitors, according to WSJ. Job listings show offers from OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, with median salaries of $925,000.

To maximize your earnings, keep sending resumes even if you’re happy with your current job. If you get a higher offer, go back to your employer and ask them to exceed the other company’s offer. Remember, you can also negotiate equity, options, and additional perks or benefits, which may have fewer tax ramifications and can help boost your bottom line.

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