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Published: 2023-11-03T19:07:26

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A Baldur’s Gate 3 fan and avid birder has claimed that developer Larian Studios doesn’t actually know what a blue jay is.

While there are plenty of humanoid NPCs to talk to in Baldur’s Gate 3, some of the most amusing conversations come from the various animals that populate each of the game’s large areas.

In their adventures through Larian Studio’s sprawling RPG, players can interact with creatures like owlbear cubs, friendly dogs, squirrels, and even some birds.

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However, a BG3 fan and self-proclaimed “avid birder” has put forth some interesting evidence that the developer may not know what a blue jay is, based on some specific pieces of evidence throughout the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 calls out devs on blue jay behavior

A Reddit user by the name AstroAri made a post on the Baldur’s Gate 3 subreddit titled, “Larian has no idea what a blue jay is and it’s hilarious.”

In the post, they said, “I’m an avid birder, and blue jays are my favorite bird. So the portrayal of blue jays in this game is hysterically funny to me. It’s extremely clear that Larian (a Belgian company) has absolutely no clue what a blue jay (a corvid endemic to North America) actually is.”

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The OP provided evidence for their claims, such as the blue jay in the Druid’s Grove being able to “beautifully” sing. According to them, this behavior is “unlike a real blue jay, who is only capable of screaming…”

They also cited the blue jay encounter at the Rosymorn Monastery, where the bird will ask the player to help get rid of the Giant Eagles that took over his nest.

“A real blue jay would call up a bunch of his blue jay friends and attack the eagles en masse in an act called mobbing, because blue jays are suicidally overconfident.”

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AstroAri capped off their post with the following: “Absolutely no shade at all to Larian, just poking some fun at them! I just found their portrayal of blue jays to be very funny as a Certified Bird Fan and wanted to share.”

While Larian’s depiction of blue jays may not be all that accurate to real life, they certainly gave the ones you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3 quite the personalities.

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