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South America-based Belcorp introduced conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support its sales force and provide an enhanced customer experience. The chatbot called “Jessica” functions on WhatsApp and can provide agents with product training and updates on current offers and customers with product data and order assistance.

The chatbot is Spanish-centered but is able to transition to the unique dialects within the language, adopting Peruvian-specific idioms when helping someone based in Peru and so forth. Through back-and-forth dialogue, Jessica is able to search internal documents to find answers, suggest products orders based on conversational cues and track inventory for distributors based on sales cycles. All of these conversations and interactions are fed back into the corporate communications loop so the team can have a deeper understanding of supply and demand, sales field needs and what initiatives would be well received.

In 2023, Jessica answered more than 2 million inquiries for the company, resolving three-quarters of them. Meaning, only 25% of calls that would have normally been directed to the corporate office were answered, ordered or solved without any staff involvement—a significant time, energy and cost savings. Belcorp now plans to expand its use of AI to other departments to streamline workflows, reduce risk and trim expenses.

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