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Bitcoin’s plunge below $69,000 sends shockwaves through the crypto market, while the new AI cryptocurrency InQubeta gears up to change blockchain investments amidst the turmoil.

Bitcoin’s latest plummet below the $69,000 threshold has sent ripples through the cryptocurrency market, affecting the stock performance of major industry players like MicroStrategy and Coinbase. This downturn, happening just weeks before the anticipated Bitcoin halving, has stirred speculation and analysis within the crypto community.

Amidst this turmoil, an AI-centric cryptocurrency ICO, InQubeta, is poised to make a significant impact, potentially redefining market dynamics in the wake of Bitcoin’s current volatility.

Unraveling Bitcoin’s decline

The abrupt 7% drop in Bitcoin’s price has not only dimmed the outlook for crypto stocks but has also reignited discussions on the cyclical nature of the crypto market, especially as it aligns with the nearing halving event. The halving, a scheduled reduction in miner rewards, is a pivotal moment that traditionally influences Bitcoin’s valuation and the broader crypto market.

Kristian Haralampiev of Nexo suggests that this recent downturn can be attributed to profit-taking activities among holders, a strategic move in anticipation of the halving’s market effects. Moreover, the notable transfer of over 4,000 Bitcoin to the Bitfinex exchange by a “whale” adds another layer to the current market dynamics, hinting at increased selling pressure that may have exacerbated the price drop.

InQubeta charts a new course in AI and crypto

As Bitcoin rides its rollercoaster, there’s a new ICO catching everyone’s eye: InQubeta. This new project aims to be a game-changer at the crossroads of AI and blockchain. Its mission is to throw open the doors of AI startup investments to everyone. With its QUBE tokens, the platform is shaking up the status quo, making it possible for anyone to own a piece of the next big AI breakthrough.

InQubeta is doing something special by using NFTs to represent real stakes in AI startups. This means not just investing but actually having a say in the success of these ventures. It’s a fresh approach that’s breaking down old barriers and paving the way for a future where tech meets trust.

InQubeta also plans to roll out an NFT marketplace, launching InQubeta Swap, and setting up a DAO. It is all about creating a community where AI and blockchain don’t just come together but truly thrive.

Their commitment to safety and security, proven by detailed audits and KYC checks, has already caught the attention of investors, raking in over $13 million in their presale. This strong support sets the stage for what might be a major moment in the market.


As Bitcoin faces another round of uncertainty and volatility, the crypto market teeters on the edge of a new era, one that InQubeta is set to usher in. InQubeta’s mission to make AI investments accessible to more people stands out, especially now, as Bitcoin’s ups and downs capture headlines. It’s a sign that the crypto world is starting to look for projects with a solid tech base and the power to change things.

For more information about InQubeta, visit the InQubeta presale or join the InQubeta communities.

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