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San Francisco, California, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ByteTrade Lab, an industrial partner with the University of California, Berkeley (“Berkeley”) FHL Vive Center, today announced that the partnership has led to the launch of GaiaNet, a new decentralized AI infrastructure project.

GaiaNet is a decentralized network that provides secure, censorship-resistant, and monetizable AI agents that incorporate each individual’s proprietary knowledge and skills while preserving privacy. Instead of setting up centralized servers, GaiaNet is building a distributed network of edge-computing nodes controlled by individuals and businesses, to host fine-tuned AI models, based on the node operator’s proprietary domain knowledge and expertise. Each GiaiaNet node is a digital twin of a real-world expert or personality, such as a university teaching assistant, a high school teacher, a crypto trader, or a customer service agent, performing skilled knowledge tasks on behalf of its creator or operator. GaiaNet boldly challenges the centralized industry giants that have dominated the AI lifecycle, from data collection to model training and fine-tuning.

GaiaNet recognizes the advancement of edge AI research at Berkeley, particularly at the FHL Vive Center where it drives the adoption of small language models for offering interactive and educational AI teaching assistant services to the broad student community. GaiaNet envisions that its decentralized infrastructure will help to onboard more educational content and more educators in a decentralized fashion, and spread the use of AI teaching and learning applications outside the elite higher-education institutions to professional development and professional services markets.

“I am honored to collaborate with Berkeley in our shared mission to revolutionize learning through decentralized AI. GaiaNet is not just a network; it’s a paradigm shift towards a more secure, censorship-resistant future while preserving privacy and autonomy”, stated Shashank Sripada, Co-founder of GaiaNet. “GaiaNet is also committed to simplicity, ensuring that individuals and businesses can easily set up their own nodes and fine-tune their AI models with their proprietary knowledge. Through GaiaNet’s intuitive interface and streamlined processes, accessing cutting-edge AI technology has never been easier”.

As an esteemed academic institution, UC Berkeley Vive Center is primed to leverage its expertise to openly support the advancement of decentralized AI, especially with its partner ByteTrade to explore the technologies behind GaiaNet. This collaboration exemplifies the University’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the most significant challenges and innovations in Artificial Intelligence.

About GaiaNet
Gaianet stands as a trailblazer in decentralized AI technology, dedicated to reshaping the tech industry with a focus on user privacy, transparency, and control. Our cutting-edge open-source infrastructure empowers users by ensuring privacy and censorship resistance in daily AI activities through a dynamic network of peer-to-peer edge nodes. This framework fosters the creation and collaboration of innovative AI business ecosystems, benefiting both private data holders and developers. Gaianet aims to revolutionize the user experience with AI chatbots, seamlessly introducing transformative changes while preserving the intuitive technology and satisfaction currently existing in the Web2 era. 
Twitter: @GaiaNet_AI

About ByteTrade Lab
ByteTrade Lab is inventing the infrastructure to decentralize the internet application and protocol layer for developers and users, ushering in a new internet paradigm that achieves the full Web 3.0 value proposition. ByteTrade’s innovative Web 3.0 Operating System-Terminus OS, running atop a network of decentralized personal servers protected by personal private keys, will build a new decentralized internet to empower users in controlling their own data and services. The company is backed by Susquehanna International Group (SIG)’s Asia Venture Capital Fund, and leading institutional investors including INCE Capital, BAI Capital, Sky9 Capital, BlueRun, and PWC with a $50mil USD A round financing. 
Twitter: @ByteTrade_Lab

About UC Berkeley FHL Vive Center
Connecting the world of individuals and businesses in a fully decentralized and trustless fashion has generated tremendous excitement to develop new solutions in the blockchain and DeFi space. Berkeley FHL Vive Center aims to support the long-term growth of decentralized technologies and applications by offering our expertise to create new education and degree programs for motivated students; promote cross-disciplinary research to address urgent technology bottlenecks and provide a Berkeley platform for academic and industrial partners to collaborate. Together, we can shape our society in a digital world that is more immersive, more connected, and more fair. 

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