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Apple’s AirTag item tracker is once again in the headlines for helping someone track down a stolen car. This time, a man in Canada says he woke up and realized his BMW had been stolen, but thanks to an AirTag, he had it back just a few hours later.

As reported by CTV News, Saamer Mansoor decided to put an AirTag in his car around six months ago. He’d heard other stories of people using an AirTag to recover stolen property and figured it was worth the $29 investment. Little did he know…

Saamer explained that he was taking care of his son when he hastily got out of his car and left the driver’s window rolled down. This ended up being all the thieves needed to steal the car overnight.

The next morning, Saamer’s brother was the first to realize the car was missing. Saamer checked the Find My app, saw it was at a motel down the street, and called 911 while he headed that way.

“So I was like where is my car? And I quickly opened the app and it showed me that my car was at (a motel) on Huron Church.”

Mansoor said adrenaline kicked in and he and his brother made their way to the location where the AirTag showed the car to be, calling 911 on the way.

The police were able to recover the car and “most” of Saamer’s belongings when they arrived at the motel. “It’s easy to not worry about things when there’s something bigger or there’s a family emergency, and you don’t realize it,” Saamer said. “Just be careful.”

Sameer’s story comes just days after Washington, D.C., leaders announced their plan to give out free AirTags to combat car theft.

If you’re feeling inspired to expand your AirTag arsenal, the four-pack is on sale on Amazon this week for just under $90.

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