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CASS COUNTY — Local government leaders are planning to discuss how artificial intelligence can be implemented into their work.

As part of the Local Government Artificial Intelligence (AI) Symposium, elected leaders from around the metro will meet with various department heads “for a robust, non-technical discussion on the opportunities, challenges and need for caution in the use of AI,” the release from Cass County states.

Cass County government is hosting the discussion from 8:30 a.m. to noon in the Bison Room of the Cass County Annex Building on April 23.

District 2 Cass County Commissioner Tony Grindberg at the Cass County Commission Room on Feb. 5, 2024.

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“As local governments navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology and governance, Cass County’s AI Symposium offers a crucial platform for leaders to engage in meaningful dialogue and explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence,” Cass County Commissioner Tony Grindberg said in the release. “By fostering collaboration and sharing insights, this symposium empowers officials to harness AI responsibly, ensuring our communities thrive in the digital age.”

It was at a session on AI in Washington, D.C., that Grindberg learned that, nationwide, many local governments are beginning to examine the impact of AI on society and it’s functionaility as a tool.


“For me, it was an ah-ha moment,” Grindberg told The Forum. “This just seemed like a no brainer for us to get this discussion going (in Cass County).”

He worked with the county’s IT department to get the ball rolling by inviting other local governments in the metro to the table to see how AI can be used to more effeciently provide services to the taxpayers, examine what impact it may have and decide what policies need to be in play.

There are many possible uses for AI, he said, including taking meeting minutes, compiling agendas, ensuring the long-term integrity of information stored on the county’s website, promote accuracy across the organization and increased cyber security.

This symposium is free and open to the public, the release states. However it is meant to facilitate discussions on AI between elected officials and top local government staffers so there will be no opportunities for public comment during the meeting.

Attendees are asked to register in advance to ensure there is enough space, the release states. Readers who plan to go should contact IT Director Bob Henderson at [email protected] to register.

“Here in Cass County, we believe it’s crucial for us to have an open discussion about AI deployments within our local government and collaborate with our peers,” Henderson said in the release.

“By working together, we ensure that any AI projects will meet the county’s needs, comply with regulations, and are a success,” Henderson said. “We hope by bringing so many critical stakeholders to the table we can foster innovation, streamline processes, and strengthen our ability to provide cutting-edge technology solutions for our community.”

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