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Last week we got a preview of Conan O’Brien doing a full Clueless Gamer spot for Starfield, and now, the entire thing has been released and it’s everything I hoped it would be.

This is not exactly timed to be a great Starfield plug, given that the game came out over two months ago, but the actual ad spot here is for the Samsung “gaming” TV he’s using. But who cares, we want to see the antics, and as you might expect, it’s a great video:

  • The main thrust of things is Conan trying to seduce Sarah Morgan and repeatedly failing, at one point believing that she’s instead entranced by Franklin Roosevelt who shows up in one of the game’s most bizarre missions.
  • The scrawny Starfield version of Conan who is constantly running around in his underwear, goes to an “Enhance” place to change his face and body to better appeal to Sarah, who does not care.
  • After giving up on Sarah, Conan finds and kills “Grandma,” the most innocent Starfield NPC in the entire game, which is the clip that we saw last week, and by the end even he seems to understand that he’s done something horrible.
  • Conan is note especially adept at shooting, dying repeatedly during the “defend Sam Coe’s ex-wife” mission, though you know, being naked does not exactly help.
  • Conan’s one victory is finally finding love with…Sam Coe. Someone has gotten him to the point in the game where you can confess your love for Sam, who of course reciprocates and makes a whole bunch of innuendos about what he plans to do to you later. To celebrate, Conan jumps around Akila proclaiming his love and then after accidentally shooting someone, proceeds to terrorize the town.

Sam Coe actor Elias Toufexis shared the clip expressing excitement that Conan had fallen for his character in the segment.

Anyway, of course this was amazing, and there are so many games out this year that I think would make great Clueless Gamer segments I hope we see a lot more. Imagine Conan navigating the romantic complexities and insanity of Baldur’s Gate 3, for instance. Show him the bear scene. Show him the bear scene.

But yeah, enjoy the video and remind yourself that Conan is the best, as ever.

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