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New AI-powered engine offers unparalleled traceability, customizability, and strategic foresight specifically for financial decision-making.

BOSTON, April 18, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)– today announced the early access launch of its proprietary AlphaIQ™, an innovative analysis platform for investment professionals to leverage data for decision-making. By harnessing the power of its Quantitative Linguistics platform, AlphaIQ allows financial and investment professionals to immediately uncover nuanced insights from this traceable, generative AI tool trained using decades of historical data across industries, sectors, and companies, setting a new standard in the financial technology sector.

“With its unmatched traceability and verification features focused on finance, AlphaIQ is not just another tool; it’s a game-changer in financial analysis,” said Joseph Byrum, Chief Technology Officer of “It provides investment professionals with a depth of insight and a breadth of perspective that is simply unparalleled in today’s market.”’s proprietary linguistics engine uses traditional AI methods and the company’s proprietary technology to build its own generative AI language models from the ground up. This approach ensures highly relevant and nuanced output, setting a new benchmark in language model innovation. These models draw on validated data across time and industries, ensuring the delivery of reliable intelligence without the risk of confabulation, commonly referred to as hallucinations, which marks a significant advancement beyond current methods. AlphaIQ addresses many of the critical challenges faced by investment professionals within the AI space by ensuring that every insight accounts for both sub-sector nuances and is backed by verifiable evidence that is clear, compliant, and traceable. AlphaIQ is meticulously trained from the vast expanse of corporate communications, including 10k, 8k, Transcripts, Footnotes, Presentations, and more.

“Our goal with AlphaIQ is to empower finance professionals with a tool that enhances their analytical capabilities and provides a clear, traceable path to every insight,” said Harry Glorikian, CEO of “This level of detail and transparency is crucial for informed decision-making and represents a significant advancement in language analysis.”

AlphaIQ’s launch exemplifies’s innovative spirit and its dedication to transforming the field of financial analysis. With its comprehensive approach to data analysis and its commitment to transparency and customization, AlphaIQ is set to become an essential tool for anyone involved in investment decision-making.

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