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Corsair has unveiled its latest MP700 PRO Gen5 SSD lineup which comes with faster storage speeds & the option to go either air or liquid cooling.

Corsair MP700 PRO Gen5 SSDs Feature Enhanced Cooling Options, Faster Transfer Speeds & Higher Prices

The MP700 PRO is Corsair’s 2nd Gen5 SSD lineup following the original MP700 SSD series which was released back in August. The newer “PRO” series comes with improved capabilities, with read and write speeds of up to 12,400 MB/s and 11,800 MB/s respectively. All MP700 PRO Gen5 SSDs are using the Phison E26 controller which is the fastest Gen5 SSD controller around and the PRO series offers up to a 75% speedup over the Gen4 drives.

Currently, the Corsair MP700 PRO, Crucial T700, and T-Force Z540 SSDs are on par with each other, featuring the same transfer speeds, and are the fastest in the industry. The random read-and-write speeds of the MP700 PRO are rated at 1.5 Million and 1.6 Million, which is also one of the fastest in the market. Coupled with high speeds along with support for Microsoft’s DirectStorage, one should expect “out of the world” performance in real-time gaming.

Boasting such high transfer speeds isn’t something easy to do, and apart from the high-end components to achieve such milestones, a decent cooling solution is also required. To cater to this, Corsair has included their “HYDRO X” heatsink as well, which essentially slaps a waterblock on top of the heatsink. The heatsink can be paired custom loop as it uses two standard 1/4″ fittings. For those who aren’t water-cooling their PCs, you get an active-cooled heatsink too which features a big aluminum block that sits over the SSD.


In terms of pricing, the MP700 PRO is definitely not cheap, and it is justified given what the SSD has to offer to its potential consumers. The Corsair MP700 PRO 1TB & the 2TB Gen5 SSDs are available for $189.99 and $324.99 respectively (same price for Hydro X & Air-cooler variants). The heatsink-less variants cost $179.99 for 1 TB & $299.99 US for the 2 TB variant. It is expected that the MP700 PRO will also debut in a 4TB model, but that will be available in the upcoming months.

News Source: Corsair

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