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Published: 2023-11-19T17:06:46  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-19T17:06:58

A Destiny 2 player has taken to Reddit to share a video of the “reward” they received for completing a Heroic Public Event.

Public events used to be a big part of Destiny 2, offering worthwhile rewards for completing wave-based activities on different planets and moons. Bungie took the decision to nerf the rewards on offer, and gradually, they have become primarily helpful for the completion of various bounties.

Heroic Public Events are a more challenging version that can be triggered by completing specific mechanics during the normal Public Event. Though it increases the difficulty in a minor way, it is usually worth doing thanks to the better rewards on offer at the end.

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Now, one player has shared a post on social media documenting their personal misfortune as they failed to get the rewards they sought.

Destiny 2 Public Event rewards a player’s effort with… nothing

In a post on Reddit, the unfortunate Guardian shared the climax of their Ether Resupply Public Event on the Moon. After defeating the Prime Ether Servitor, they went to collect their rewards from the chest, which, upon opening, provided nothing at all.

The community quickly shared their collective empathy for the situation and their broader dismay at the overall state of Public Events. One said: “Public events are a joke in this game. Ever since they nerfed the s**t outta them for people to stop getting Legendaries, there is literally no point to doing them. I swear they want to have more things in this game that waste your time than things that give you stuff.”

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Another agreed, adding, “It’s little things like this that really hurt Destiny. The lack of respect for time investment. Rewards have always been a problem for me. There’s so much stuff/loot in Destiny. Just having more things drop from places would make a world of difference for people.”

Others suggested turning to the first Destiny game to look for solutions to the problem, saying: “I think D2 could take a look at how rewarding public events were in D1. High exp reward, 4-5 engrams (3-4 blues 1-2 legendaries), motes of light (could be replaced with enhancement cores). I think they have to at least guarantee 1 legendary world drop for normal, and 2 for heroic.”

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With the general disappointment in the Lightfall expansion abundantly clear, the pressure is on Bungie to correct course before The Final Shape. With that expansion set to provide the culmination of seven years of storytelling in Destiny 2, the pressure will be at an all-time high.

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