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Cognition introduced Devin AI as the world’s first AI software engineer. The tech company has claimed that its new AI tool is designed to help users with its coding and machine learning capabilities.
The company claims that Devin takes things beyond just conversations and gets things done with command prompts. It is a full-functional teammate that’s ready to build alongside the user and also help them complete tasks quickly.
Devin AI: What all it can do
Plan and execute: Cognition claims that Devin AI, with its long-term reasoning and planning can get things done even things with complex engineering and tasks that require thousands of divisions. It can also learn and adapt during the process.
Onboard developer tools: Devin AI comes with developer tools like shell, code editor and browser in a sandbox environment.
Collaboration: Another feature the Devin AI offers is the ability to collaborate with users. The company claims that it can report the process in real-time, take feedback and also work together towards a similar goal.
Adaptability with unfamiliar technologies: Devin can quickly learn how to use new technologies or tools.
ControlNet image generation: Utilising ControlNet on Modal, Devin generates images with concealed messages for Sara, based on insights gained from a blog post.
End-to-end App development: Devin can develop an interactive website and can even add new features requested by the user and then deploy the app to Netlify.
Bug fixing: Devin can maintain and debug a competitive programming book, autonomously identifying and resolving issues.
AI model fine-tuning: Devin can also improve and fine-tune its own AI model over time using a research respiratory on GitHub.
How to access Devin AI
Devin AI is in the beta testing phase and available to select users in limited access and that too by request.
Having said that, you can request Devin AI access by filling out a form available on their official website.
Click here to open the form.
Fill in the necessary details and also click on Submit button.

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