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Published: 2023-11-13T04:03:54  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-13T04:04:04

A Diablo 4 player has shown off the insane strength of the Barbarian class by swiftly dispatching an endgame boss.

Diablo 4 is well into its second season now and players have been mostly pleased with the new content. Blood Harvests have been a major positive but a $65 mount and armor bundle kind of soured things.

Outside those minimal complaints, Diablo 4 players have been hard at work build crafting and the results are outstanding. We’ve seen the rise of the Ball Lightning Sorcerer and the Boulder Druid, both of which make mincemeat out of Uber Lilith.

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Now Barbarian players look to be getting their moment in the sun and joining the ranks of Diablo 4’s most OP classes. Reddit user u/No-Tax1318 showed off their Barbarian delivering a near One-Shot of Grigoire The Galvanic Saint.

Grigoire is one of a few new endgame bosses Blizzard added in Diablo 4 Season 2 for target farming unique gear. He’s certainly no slouch so u/No-Tax1318 stomping them so handily is no small feat.

To be fair, they didn’t technically stomp him, that’s another Barbarian skill. u/No-Tax1318 is using a Hammer of the Ancients (HOTA) build which one player in the comments swears can “hit for one billion” if optimized properly.

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Most players are just dumbfounded that you can pull off stuff like this with the usually overlooked Barbarian. “I’m doing something wrong with my Barb because I’m not hitting those numbers,” one player admitted.

Others couldn’t get over how humorous it can be to watch Diablo 4’s major bosses get dunked on so hard. “The hilarious irony of watching these uber bosses being slowly summoned with thematic music only to be one-shotted immediately,” one user pointed out.

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Blizzard Entertainment

If you want to big numbers with a HOTA Barbarian, you’re going to need to use Berserk.

Unfortunately, u/No-Tax1318 hasn’t revealed exactly what their build is so you’ll have to experiment if you want to recreate their success here.

We’ve got our own suggestions for Diablo 4 builds and heaps of other guides right here at Dexerto though.

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