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Eliana Bollati

Published: 2024-01-21T02:38:15  ❘   Updated: 2024-01-21T02:38:27

Diablo 4 players are unhappy with what they see as a “bias” from the mods toward pet and minion builds in the latest season.

Diablo 4 boasts five of the game’s iconic classes as playable options: Barbarian, Rogue, Sorcerer, Druid, and Necromancer. Each class has its own unique skills and playstyle. While they’re not necessarily evenly matched against one another, by and large, the game’s provided a lot of balance across class lines.

But two of the five core classes seem to be getting left behind in the current meta, leading many players to feel there’s an inherent prejudice toward them.

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Necromancer and Druid both focus on builds using pets or minions and as players are pointing out, the D4 mods have stated they don’t want pets and minions to become part of the Season’s meta. A stance that has frustrated a significant portion of the player base.

Blizzard Entertainment

Minions play a big role in the playstyle of Diablo 4’s Necromancer class.

After the recent comments around class balance going forward in the recent Developer Update, some players took to Reddit, accusing the mods of “bias” against pet and minion builds.

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In a lengthy thread, one player outlined the current problems with the class builds; “Not only the devs but the player base needs to understand the issue it faces,” the thread begins. It also covers why they feel the classes need “to be revamped to become viable.”

“Great post, Summoner necro is in a really bad state,” agreed one player.

“I think it goes beyond minions,” another added, going on to say that the Necromancer class feels “hollow” and “unfinished”.

A separate thread also popped up — Devs need to realize Druids and Necros want to have pet builds — with players discussing the merits of pet and minion-focused builds entering the current D4 meta.

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Diablo 4 DruidBlizzard Entertainment

Druids and Necromancer players want their pets and minions to be more viable in the meta.

Some players pointed out that these sorts of builds make the meta in comparable games too.

“I play a tanky summoning build in Remnant 2 on the highest difficulty,” said one user. “They rotate in and out of Path of Exile’s meta as S-tier,” another user also pointed out.

It seems like Druid and Necromancer players will just have to wait to see if the devs are listening and what Diablo 4’s midseason update might bring.

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