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Published: 2023-11-04T20:47:35

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Following the Vessel of Hatred expansion’s announcement, Diablo 4 players aren’t too thrilled with the idea of an expansion given the state of the game.

In the sea of all the games launched this year, Diablo 4’s arrival was a rather strange one. Diablo’s arrival was met with rave reviews, yet as soon as player completed their runs, the fires of Blizzard’s return died out in seconds.

Player concerns were through the roof, with endgame issues and itemization just a few of the myriad of issues. These issues have gradually seen fixes since the game launched, but it’s been a long battle, as there’s still much room for improvement.

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2024 will bring a new expansion, Vessel of Hatred, to the table. However, some fans aren’t as excited as Blizzard would hope for.

Diablo 4 players split on Vessel of Hatred’s announcement

Since Diablo 4 arrived, the maligned title has been through two seasons of content. The first season received harsh feedback, as it failed to improve the endgame concerns or address quality of life changes. Dubbed “filler content” by fans on the forums, the future was looking bleak.

Diablo’s second season, Season of Blood, seemingly flipped the script. Dungeon reworks, mount movement, and Sorceror buffs, along with other quality-of-life changes, gave the game a much-needed infusion of life. Dare say, fan sentiment has even turned to hopeful for the future of Diablo 4.

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Yet when the announcement of the expansion came at BlizzCon, it split the fanbase. Many were excited, while others still held on to their disdain of the “unfinished title” in a series of replies to the trailer on the game’s official Reddit.

Many were quick to point out the expansion launches in 2024, so there will be plenty of time for changes to come. While that’s true, others combatted the state of the game should’ve been where it’s at now upon launch.

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One player shared: “Current Diablo 4 mid-late game is hardly worth playing still and here we are with Blizzard already teasing the next expansion… Diablo is the new CoD.” Call of Duty has faced its fair share of criticisms, eerily identical to Diablo.

“Hope it’s free considering how little I got from my purchase so far,” commented another.

We’re still a ways off before Vessel of Hatred arrives, and it’ll be interesting to see how Blizzard builds upon Diablo 4. Stay tuned, as the battle rages on.

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