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It could be because we all follow the genre a lot more closely than others, but it certainly feels as though fighting game publishers / developers have been pushing for more crossovers lately, especially outside of the realm of versus fighters.

Neople recently announced a new crossover event coming to their long-running Dungeon & Fighter MMO title (known as Dungeon Fighter Online over here) to join forces with multiple SNK fighting game series.

Thanks to Gatoray, we can check out the neat animated trailer for the reveal intercut with some snippets of gameplay.

Taking some cues from the classic King of Fighters opening, the trailer features a smattering of KOF and Samurai Shodown characters doing battle against some DNF / DFO counterparts including Kyo Kusanagi, Haohmaru, Billy Kane, Charlotte, Galford, Iori Yagami, Benimaru, Athena Asamiya and at least the sprites for Mai Shiranui and Rugal Bernstein.

Some of their opponents may look a bit familiar too if you’ve played DNF Duel.

Unfortunately, finding more information about the collaboration has proved difficult, so we don’t know when the event is coming or what exactly it includes at the moment.

There’s also no mention of it on the official Dungeon Fighter Online website, so it’s unclear if or when the DNF X SNK promotion will leave Asian territories.

This isn’t the only SNK crossover incoming either, as the Street Fighter 6 X King of Fighters Allstar event was also recently unveiled too.

With SNK’s “Universe Project” in the works, hopefully we’ll soon see an actual King of Fighters, Fatal Fury or Samurai Shodown anime in the not too distant future.

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