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Owner of the X platform and founder of xAI, as well as many other successful tech companies, Elon Musk has taken to his X account to issue a major warning about the way AI seems to be heading at the moment. The exception of the Grok AI bot invented by his company, which he therefore keeps under control.

Musk commented on a recent interview of businesswoman Katherine Maher who is the chief executive and president at NPR – National Public Radio in the US.

The extract of the interview commented on by Musk was shared by Marc Andreessen, with 1.2 million followers. In that video, Maher speaks of the First Amendment the in US legislation which ensures the freedom of speech and the press. The NRP CEO seems to be eager to get it out of the way to start censoring the information published on various platforms.

Andreessen tweeted that Maher and thousands of other like-minded people are now pushing the censorship of what can be allowed to say or read online. He stressed that the same is now being done to artificial intelligence.

Musk joined Andreessen in this, stating that such an approach to training AI can put the existence of human civilzation at a great risk. In an earlier tweet, he took a jab and OpenAI and its ChatGPT product, accusing them of potentially seriously harming humanity in the future by adding censorship and “wokeness” to it.

Super-powerful AI programmed in this way has severe civilization-level risk https://t.co/uQEjDobhzK— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 18, 2024

The crypto community responded to Musk’s tweet, praising Grok, which is free of this and is being trained as a “truthful AI.”

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