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Insider Gaming has learned that the Assassin’s Creed Red Samurai will be based on the real-life African Samurai called Yasuke. 

While Yasuke’s story is pitched mostly in fiction, he was historically a real person that existed, which makes him the first Assassin’s Creed protagonist to fit that description. 

Theories of Yasuke being featured in Assassin’s Creed Red first appeared following our exclusive report earlier this year, which confirmed that the game will have two playable characters. Speaking with sources, Insider Gaming understands that the male character is certainly Yasuke, but his story has been rewritten to align with the game’s story and direction. 

Earlier this year, Twitter user j0nathan revealed some details on the female protagonist named “Naoe” who is on a quest for revenge following the death of her father. Insider Gaming can corroborate this information, with Naoe’s full name currently being called Naoe Fujibayashi – The daughter of the legendary real-life Fujibayashi Nagato, who is considered to be one of the three greatest Iga jōnin. 

In October 2023, the first image of Naoe leaked online via the LinkedIn profile of Senior Writer Pierre Boudreau.

Similar to Naoe, Yasuke’s story starts off with tragedy and unlike his real-life story, his story has been rewritten. In Assassin’s Creed Red, Yasuke was a slave traveling on a slave ship when it was attacked and everyone was killed, including his lover, but he survived. Yasuke was then rescued and brought to Japan, where he learned the way of the samurai under Nobunaga’s service. 

It’s understood that at the beginning of the game, Naoe and Yasuke are fierce enemies, but later become allies on their desire for Japan’s unification. 

Insider Gaming understands that the other historical characters to make their appearance in Assassin’s Creed Red include; Fujibayashi Nagato (Naoe’s father), Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide, Hattori Hanzo (returning character), Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Kōdai-in (Hideyoshi’s wife), Oichi, Ashikaga Yoshiaki, Akechi Kagemitsu, and more. 

It’s currently unclear if Ubisoft will call Yasuke by his real-life name or not by final release.

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