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Pittsford, N.Y. — Nazareth University addressed the growing impact of artificial technology Wednesday with an all-day summit called “Responsible AI: What’s Next in AI Leadership and Innovation.”

The event brought some of the top minds in technology to the college for a day of presentations and panel discussions, exploring the advancements in AI, as well as the ethical responsibility of its use.

“It’s important for us now to get behind the AI hype bubble,” said Jeffery Allan, director at the Nazareth University’s Institute of Responsible Technology. “Instead of just talking about AI for the sake of AI, we start to look at how it is going to start impacting society.”

The discussions covered the impact on many industries including entrepreneurship, entertainment and marketing.

“There’s a lot we can do with AI,” Allan said. “I think in the world of business, more generally, there’s a good opportunity for us to make things better and to make things more efficient. To do so, we don’t necessarily need to displace people and put people out of work, but now start to think about how we transition them into roles that compliment AI.”

“Solely depending on AI is not the solution,” says Sandip Parekh, vice president of Turing. “Having the human in the loop to make that right decision is the way to go forward.”


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