Father-Son Duo Reveal 2000-HP Pontiac Firebird Trans Am With IndyCar DNA – CarBuzz

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This is no garage queen, and the Cameron family fully intends to race the vehicle after SEMA 2023. That’s evident from the tube frame chassis, which provides rigidity without added weight. Speaking of rigidity, the transmission forms part of the Hammerhead’s structure.

Under the hood lives an LSR motor, which, according to Cavan, is an LS-based racing V8 engine. It can produce more than 2,000 horsepower, courtesy of a twin-turbo setup. “We moved all the weight towards the back, so it’s got 55% rear and 45% front [weight distribution], it’s going to handle a little bit like a Porsche.”

While a Trans Am is an unlikely basis for an IndyCar build, there’s no denying it looks incredible. From the integration of the front splitter to the interior and the massive rear wing, you can tell this car was built by individuals with industry know-how. It’s worth checking Horizon Motorsports out on Instagram if you want to follow the build process.

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