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BUFFALO, N.Y. — The director of the National Science Foundation joined U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer at the University at Buffalo Tuesday to unveil a new artificial intelligence institute.

The National A.I. Institute for Exceptional Education is located across from the Lockwood Memorial Library at the U.B. North Campus in Amherst. It cost $20 million in federal funding.

“The data is clear: the University of Buffalo and Western N.Y. are at the top when it comes to powering technological advancement and AI innovation. With the opening of the new $20 million federally-funded National AI Institute for Exceptional Education –which helps children with disabilities learn to speak – UB is solidifying its position as the place that will take our nation to the next frontier in AI as a force for good,” said Sen. Schumer. “We have a golden opportunity for the United States to be even more of a trailblazer in AI, with Buffalo leading the way.”

Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan said the facility will have a focus on helping with a shortage of speech language pathologists and help children with disabilities.

“The AI that is most important is accessibility and inclusion. This is the AI that is most important to unleash the potential everywhere across our nation,” Dr. Panchanathan said.

Students in the program said it was a worthy investment.

“My research isn’t just about algorithms, data, or models, It is much more. It is about making a real difference in the lives of children,” said Sahana Rangasrinivasan, first year computer science and engineering PhD candidate.

“People are worried about job loss,” said Schumer. “We’re here creating jobs. This institute is going to create jobs using A.I.”

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