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Fetch.ai is sponsoring the AGENT-X hackathon at IIT Roorkee University, one of the oldest engineering institutions in India. The event, which begins on March 15th and ends on March 17th, will focus on the development of AI Agent integrations using Fetch.ai’s uAgents technology.

Refer to the official tweet by FET:

Exciting news! we’re thrilled to sponsor the AGENT-X Hackathon at @iitroorkee University, India’s oldest engineering institution, starting tomorrow! 🇮🇳💡

This event focuses on building AI Agent integrations using our innovative uAgents technology 🤖

🗓️ March 15-17 pic.twitter.com/VuRw4XDKg0

Mar 14, 2024

FET Info

Fetch.ai’s FET, a utility token, is the bedrock for discovering, creating, deploying, and training digital twins, playing an essential role in smart contracts and oracles on the platform. With FET, users can build and deploy their digital twins on the network. The token also allows developers to access machine-learning utilities for training autonomous digital twins and deploying collective intelligence on the network. Additionally, validation nodes can stake FET tokens to facilitate network validation, enhancing their reputation in the process.

The technological architecture of Fetch.ai consists of four distinctive elements. The Digital Twin Framework offers modular components to help teams construct marketplaces, skills, and intelligence for digital twins. The Open Economic Framework provides search and discovery capabilities for digital twins. The Digital Twin Metropolis is a collection of smart contracts that maintain an immutable record of agreements between digital twins on a WebAssembly (WASM) virtual machine. Lastly, the Fetch.ai Blockchain employs multi-party cryptography and game theory to ensure secure, censorship-resistant consensus and rapid chain-syncing to support digital twin applications.

Among the platform’s key components is the learner, wherein each participant represents a unique private dataset and machine learning system. The global market emerges as a product of a collective learning experiment, with a machine learning model trained by the learners collectively. The Fetch.ai Blockchain supports smart contracts, allowing secure and auditable coordination and governance. Finally, the platform includes a decentralized data layer based on IPFS, facilitating the sharing of machine learning weights among all learners involved.

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