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Published: 2023-11-06T21:10:19

  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-06T21:10:30

Fortnite has increased the spawn rate for big and small shields after the community reported difficulties finding them around the map.

Fortnite has seen a dramatic increase in players since returning to its roots by releasing Fortnite OG on November 3. The game even broke a record for concurrent players, hitting over 44 million in a single day.

The return of the original map from 2018 came with the addition of the game’s most popular weapons and skins. Players can return to the days of rocking a knight skin while hiding in a bush with a hunting rifle – but that’s not all that was added back in.

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Fortnite’s beloved Chug Jug also made its way back into the game. However, players began to notice that the legendary drop was easier to discover than some of the game’s basics.

Fortnite adds more shields while keeping the OG feel

On November 6, the Fortnite status account on Twitter issued an update to the shield potion debacle. The post explains that players will not be able to find more shields across the map without taking away from the OG experience.

“Balance Adjustment,” announced Fortnite. “We’ve slightly increased the drop rate for both Small Shield Potions and Shield Potions in Battle Royale while still keeping things OG.”

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The change was seen as a “huge W” from the fan base. The replies underneath the announcement were flooded with players rejoicing over the adjustment. Popular Fortnite streamer Symfuhny responded to the post as well, mimicking the excitement of the other responses.

“Let’s goooo,” said Symfuhny.

The Fortnite OG season just started and still has a long way to go, especially with Fortnite expected to add more content from previous seasons in the coming weeks.

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