GALAX unveils single-slot GeForce RTX 4060 Ti MAX GPU with 16GB –

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Galax “Unrivaled MAX” RTX 4060Ti 16GB GPU is a single-slot design

Move along workstation RTX models.

One rarely gets to see a single-slot gaming GPU these days. A model with 16GB memory that shouldn’t break a bank is even less likely to be seen. The blower-type designs are currently geared towards workstations and AI workloads. GALAX solution may help those who do not need expensive RTX cards such as RTX 4000 ADA SFF, which costs something towards $1700, but rather only something to act as a secondary GPU to off-load these intensive tasks.

The single-slot design has its advantages and disadvantages. Users can add more GPUs into a cluster and if they are using workstation boards with expanded PCIe slots options. However, one should remember at RTX 4060 Ti is an 8 PCIe lane GPU, so using two or even three of these cards may not be a problem for most consumer grade boards.

RTX 4060 Ti Unrivaled MAX, Source: GALAX

The card features one blower-fan and four display connectors: 3x DP and one HDMI. There is also one 8-pin power connector located at the rear, which should improve cable management greatly. Such design is more common for workstation GPUs than gaming models.

The RTX 4060 Ti MAX features 16GB VRAM, so it’s the beefier version of the AD103-351 model with 4352 CUDA cores, but also has the same drawbacks such as 128-bit memory bus or just 165W TDP. Furthermore, this model does not support the ‘fan stop’ feature, meaning that the fan will spin at all times. The Max GPU, of course, runs at NVIDIA reference clock and very unlikely to offer any form of overclocking.

Currently, the card is not offered on any etail platforms that we checked, so pricing is yet to be determined.

Source: GALAX China

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