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Middletown, Delaware–(Newsfile Corp. – March 11, 2024) – Refabric, the leading innovator in generative AI-powered fashion software solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Refabric Pro tailored for fashion professionals and brands. This advanced tool offers AI-assisted design, seamless collaboration, customization options, and integrated analytics, empowering users to unleash creativity, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions.

Refabric, the innovative generative AI-powered software, is set to facilitate the fashion industry cycle from ideation and research to design; from 3D modelling to prototyping, product development, and marketing, all within a unified ecosystem. Moving beyond one-off projects, Refabric aims to create long term benefits for the fashion’s value chain.

Refabric AI

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Refabric AI Fashion Design Generator

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Take a Step Into The Future of Fashion with Refabric Basic

Crafted as an AI-powered fashion software, Refabric Basic swiftly converts concepts into distinctive designs within minutes. Tailored for fashion enthusiasts, the software seamlessly integrates prompts, inspirational visuals, and patterns to present a plethora of original fashion design alternatives on desired backgrounds and models in a matter of minutes.

Refabric Basic AI Fashion

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Refabric Basic
Refabric Basic Teaser: Refabric – AI Fashion Design Assistant

Refabric Pro Now Live: Empowering Fashion Professionals with Advanced Solutions

Distinguished from Refabric Basic, Refabric Pro offers customized AI design training including brands’ past collections, bestsellers and seasonal inspirations. By integrating the brand heritage with current trends on a single platform, it empowers fashion professionals to swiftly ideate and design on-trend items meeting customer preferences with tight launch timeframes.

The platform not only streamlines the design process, ensuring speed and efficacy but also enhances market success by adjusting designs in response to demand. With Refabric Pro, fashion professionals can fortify their creative work while also seizing the opportunity to cultivate sustainable and innovative collections.

Refabric Pro AI Fashion

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Refabric Pro
Refabric Pro Teaser: Refabric Pro Teaser

Refabric Pro: Redefining Fashion Sustainability

By enabling the realistic visualization of collection pieces on AI models prior to prototyping, it facilitates the identification and elimination of unwanted products prior to production. This forward-thinking approach optimizes prototype production and promotes more efficient resource utilization and waste reduction. Refabric Pro leads the change in embracing sustainability principles within the fashion industry, paving the way for a more eco-conscious and responsible future.

Sustainable AI Fashion

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Refabric Pro to Introduce an Innovative Suite of Tools in 2024

Refabric Pro is gearing up to launch a suite of new tools in 2024, aimed at providing comprehensive solutions for the fashion industry. These tools are designed to streamline fashion retail processes, making them faster, more cost-effective, and personalized. Among the new offerings are AI-generated 3D modelling, AI-supported fashion shoots, content marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

As Refabric continues to innovate, it remains committed to supporting fashion professionals at every stage of their journey, from fashion designers, marketing experts and e-comm teams. In 2024, Refabric aims to empower professionals across a wide range of fields by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

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