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The competition for top talent has never been fiercer. To land passionate candidates who fit your culture, hiring managers must move beyond resumes and gut instinct. The key is leveraging generative AI to extract insights from unstructured data and pinpoint those elusive “right fit” qualities.

Most companies have mountains of internal data assets like employee surveys, performance reviews, emails, chat logs and more. This unstructured data is rich with clues about what drives your highest performers and what kind of people thrive in your environment. But manually codifying and analyzing it all is impossible.

Enter generative AI. These language models can rapidly ingest all of your unstructured data repositories. Using natural language processing, they can then identify patterns and surface insights that forecast passion and cultural alignment.

For example, the model might reveal your highest-rated engineers frequently use terms like “curiosity,” “life-long learning,” and “automating mundane tasks” in their communications. It could then programmatically scan candidate resume bullets, GitHub activity, personal websites and social media for alignment with those psychographic indicators of passion.

Or the model might detect themes around “teamwork,” “teaching,” and “corporate citizenship” from your top customer success reps. You could then tailor your hiring process to probe deeply for those same traits.

Instead of relying on subjective human assumptions or simple keyword matching, you’d be baking scientifically-backed candidate filters into your talent strategy. No more crossing your fingers and hoping the interview cultural grilling unearths the right people.

Generative AI can even help you pre-screen candidates through automated video interviews. Candidates record responses to prompts which are then analyzed for substance, clarity, emotional intelligence and personality fits. The model surfaces top-scorer video highlights so you can quickly evaluate passion and “X-factor” fits.

And that’s just scratching the surface. The more unstructured data you feed the model over time, the richer your insights become. Just imagine tapping into years of employee emails, Slack logs, performance data and more to build your ultimate hiring AI.

Of course, hiring is still a very human endeavor requiring human judgment. But companies that responsibly harness the power of generative AI will enjoy a monumental competitive hiring advantage. They’ll effortlessly attract more passionate candidates who amplify their culture and thrive long-term.

The data-driven future of hiring is here. To find the elusive “right fits,” deploy generative AI and let the machines show you the way.

Ty Peck is a Grit Daily contributor and the CEO and co-founder of Business Draft, an advanced, dual-sided hiring solution for matching job candidates to employment opportunities.

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