GNOME Terminal Working To Migrate To GTK 4, VTE To Overcome 40 FPS Cap – Phoronix

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As part of the effort to make GNOME Terminal and the VTE terminal emulator library render faster, the GNOME Terminal has been seeing more work lately in being ported over to using the GTK 4 toolkit. Additionally, the VTE terminal library has been working to overcome its long-standing 40 FPS rendering cap.

In this week’s This Week In GNOME, it was shared the work on moving GNOME Terminal over to GTK 4. There is an initial working implementation but various issues need to be overcome before the work will wrap up. There are outstanding issues around geometric (re)sizing, various preferences differences, and more.

In any event Christian Hergert is getting the GTK4’ed GNOME Terminal working:

GNOME Terminal GTK4

VTE is now using the GdkFrameClock for overcoming the long-standing cap around 40 frames per second. Hopefully this all pans out well for GNOME 46.

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