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In an effort to give users greater oversight, Google has unveiled a new feature for its Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) that allows those prompting the chatbot to edit inaccurate responses that are not the proper length or suitable for their needs.

“We’re launching a more precise way for you to tune Gemini’s responses. Starting in English in the Gemini web app, just select the portion of text you want to change, give Gemini some instruction, and get an output that’s closer to what you are looking for,” Google said in its latest Gemini release update.

“We want to give you more control over your creative process by letting you iterate on content and ideas in the context of the original response,” the update revealed.

After generating an initial response from any given prompt, users can highlight specific portions of the text provided by Gemini and modify it by clicking on the pencil tool pop-up.


Photo illustration of Google's AI model Gemini

The Google AI logo is being displayed on a smartphone with Gemini in the background in this photo illustration, taken in Brussels, Belgium, on February 8, 2024. (Jonathan Raa/NurPhoto via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The tool has the option to regenerate the response, shorten it, make it longer, or remove it entirely. It also includes the ability to add another prompt to the highlighted section to provide detailed instructions on how the user wants it to be altered.

For example, when Fox News Digital prompts Gemini to create an ad campaign on the benefits of drinking water, Gemini spits out a lengthy response with elements that focus on messaging, visuals, community outreach, tone, and more.

Under the informative content section, Gemini’s response was to develop short, engaging videos and articles highlighting the benefits of drinking water for physical and mental health, improved mood, and increased energy levels. Share interesting facts about water and debunk myths about sugary drinks.”

Shortening the response will change it to “Create short, engaging content highlighting water’s benefits for health, mood, and energy. Debunk sugary drink myths.”

Making it longer will create detailed subsections with information on health, mood, energy and debunking myths.

If an additional prompt is added to the informative content section that says, “Give me detailed info on the health benefits of water with statistics,” Gemini will change the text to provide a plethora of facts, backed up with numbers, about the impact of water on regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, aiding digestion, boosting cognitive function and flushing toxins.

Gemini will also provide citations for where it obtained the information.

The update is currently only available in English on the web application version of Gemini.


An illustration with the Google logo and a figure representing artificial intelligence

FILE PHOTO: Google logo and AI Artificial Intelligence words are seen in this illustration taken, May 4, 2023. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo / Reuters Photos)

The new feature is likely to save users valuable time. In the past, AI chatbots would need to be provided with an entirely new prompt that affected the full response rather than a small portion. This would often lead to many iterations before the user received their desired result.

The update will also hopefully provide more control to users who expressed concern about responses recently given by the chatbot on topics like pedophilia and the infamous Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin.


A Google spokesperson previously told Fox News Digital the answers were “appalling and inappropriate” and said an update would no longer show the responses.

“Gemini is built as a creativity and productivity tool, and it may not always be reliable – it’s clear in this case that the response got it wrong and we’re continuing to improve our systems,” a spokesperson added.

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