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One of the most important topics pertaining to AI technology is regulation. Governments need to make sure that major AI companies don’t run rampant with the technology. Well, governments are still scrambling to set up some sort of strict regulations surrounding AI in the companies that produce it. Speaking of regulations, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai spoke at the Business, Government & Society Forum at Stanford Graduate School of Business, and he stated that he wants AI to help Google comply with government regulations.

Recently, the United States government has unveiled some strict rules for government agencies that use AI tools. These rules will dictate how agencies use AI systems. They will also prohibit agencies from using AI tools that impose on American citizens’ rights or safety. Also, these rules will force agencies to be transparent with the models that they’re using and how they’re using people’s data. Lastly, these rules will require agencies to hire AI professionals, and this will include hiring a Chief AI officer. These rules will go into effect shortly.


Google wants AI to help it comply with regulations

Right now, regulations regarding AI Technologies are starting to take form. The EU is the first government to bring forth actual laws against AI, and other countries are coming up with their own rules and regulations.

Speaking at the Stanford School of Business, Sundar Pichai gave his take on regulations. He talked about the difference between over-regulation and under-regulation and other key aspects of AI technology. Below, you will be able to see his full section of the forum.

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“The way I think about AI is, what part of AI will make it easier for us to comply with regulation at scale?” Pichai said during the forum, “AI is an opportunity there as well.” This is something that definitely raises some questions. We’re all wondering what Google wants to do to help it boost its AI footprint while keeping within regulation.

We are all unsure, but we know that Google is going to be using artificial intelligence for many of its tasks going forward. The only question is whether this will have a positive or negative effect on the company and the tech industry at large.

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