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AI has become arguably the most ubiquitous – and contentious – topic in the world of art and design over the last couple of years. As the tech becomes ever more mainstream, thanks to tools like ChatGPT and Adobe Firefly, its impact is being felt on more and more professions – particularly those in the creator economy.

Leading global influencer agency Billion Dollar Boy has published a new report featuring insights from real-world generative AI creator campaigns with Versace and Xiaomi, insights from industry experts and a survey of over 6000 consumers. Titled AI as a Creative Muse: How Generative AI is Influencing the Creator Economy, the report offers a comprehensive look at the industry’s opinion of generative AI in the creator economy.

AI report

(Image credit: Billion Dollar Boy)

“The report explores perceptions of generative AI’s ability to disrupt the creator economy; investigates demographic nuances influencing its adoption; and analyses the challenges it poses and brand opportunities it offers,” reads a press release from Billion Dollar Boy

Key findings of the richly designed report include the fact that marketers (75%) and creators (69%) overwhelmingly believe generative AI will “positively disrupt the creator economy.” Meanwhile, and somewhat shockingly, “almost every marketer (92%) has already commissioned generative AI creator content”.

AI report

(Image credit: Billion Dollar Boy)

But the results aren’t all celebratory. Overwhelmingly, consumers, marketers and creators (87%+) support clearer regulation of generative AI in the creator economy, while three in five (61%) consumers are “unsure whether or not they’ve engaged with generative AI creator content, hastening calls for more transparent content labelling”.

You can download the whole report as a PDF over on Billion Dollar Boy’s website. And for another enlightening report on the use of artificial intelligence, check out the results of Unity’s deep dive into AI use in game development

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