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Seeing how Rockstar Games is leaving us all in the dark, one fan has taken it upon themself to give us the GTA VI trailer we’ve all been waiting for. It’s been so well-received by the fandom that the trailer has already smashed four million views on YouTube.

The talented fan behind the trailer is none other than 12th Hour, a creator known for their GTA concept projects. Most recently, it was their GTA IV remaster that blew everyone away, showing us what could be if only Rockstar remade the iconic game. But, once again, we return to GTA VI – we just can’t quit this game, and it isn’t even out yet!

All we know is that we don’t know anything, but this GTA VI roundup will still help!


According to 12th Hour, “thousands of hours” went into the GTA VI trailer, which the majority of fans hailing it as “absolutely incredible”. As the YouTuber makes clear in their video caption, this is a trailer of their own making, with no Rockstar assets utilised, nor are they “giving anything away” as this is a work of their imagination and not the devs.

“OMG, this is the best fan-made trailer I’ve ever seen,” exclaimed an excited gamer. “I literally had goosebumps while watching! Especially the final transitions and logo appearance. Dude, you are a super talent, you are awesome and don’t need Rockstar. You can beat them on your own. Just create your own games!”

Strong words, but to be honest, 100% truthful. Rockstar Games would do well to take someone as talented as this under the wing, which is the aim of 12th Hour as revealed in their GTA IV project. However, it’s fair to say that the creator can easily progress in the industry by themself. Their talent is already out there, viewed by millions, how long do you think it’ll be before a publisher snaps them up?

As the rumour mill continues to work overtime, and the launch date is seemingly pushed back to 2025, all GTA VI gossip pales in comparison to this trailer. If the latest “news” that a divisive Red Dead Redemption 2 feature is coming to GTA has got you down, head on over to 12th Hour and get your fill of a GTA VI trailer that unites fans instead of dividing them.

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