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Tier B+

GUDAGUDA 2023’s latest welfare, Mysterious Ranmaru X is an AoE Arts Avenger that is capable of Arts looping with double Castoria setups. Her kit also comes with a variety of utility effects, including debuff clear for an ally, a chance-based AoE Charm, and the ability to ignore DEF with her NP. She also can support allies with a small star bomb, targetable star gather buff, and an AoE DEF debuff. To support her own offensive power, she has a self Arts buff and a modest 20% NP charge skill. Her NP, as mentioned, ignores DEF, and also has a minor star drop rate buff. As an Avenger, although she rarely has clear Class Advantage, she also rarely has disadvantage as well, so she makes for a decent welfare general farmer, especially if the Master has premiere Arts Supports available. Her performance isn’t quite as powerful as other omni-farmers, but as a welfare with the benefit of easier NP5 access, she does the job.

Mysterious Ranmaru X: x -> B+ (Avg Score: 8.27) - [NorseFTX - A-][WhiteRabbit - B][Meliran - B][Rathilal - B+][Ceui - B+]

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