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Another day, another Fortnite IP grab and marketing cross-promotion. We are finally in the midst of season 2 of Invincible, which took forever to get here, and as such, we now have three of its main characters showing up as Fortnite skins.

That would be Atom Eve, Omni-Man and Invincible himself. The three are set to hit the item shop soon, and given that Fortnite has mastered 2D-style animated skins for a while now, they look pretty close to identical to the show’s animation, and they’re definitely going to be worth picking up.

It is, however, extremely funny to me that they are debuting Invincible skins in Fortnite, not necessarily a “kids game” but one that certainly has a whole lot of kids playing. The skins of course are not scandalous themselves just to look at, but if you’re wondering who these people are and wander over to Amazon Prime to find out, by the end of the first episode you may or may not be scarred for life.

Of course, I’m not actually suggesting these skins shouldn’t exist. We have had plenty of R and MA-rated properties exist as skins in Fortnite well before this. I just find this one funny because if you didn’t know what the show was, discovering it for the first time would be…quite the experience.

One interesting thing that Fortnite is doing now is limiting the use of some cosmetics by age. This is mainly for Creative Mode, where some skins and items can only be used on maps that are 12+. That includes attachments that are gun-focused, and some of the scarier looking skins, it seems. I do not know if these Invincible skins will be restricted, as they are not like, scary to look at, but obviously the source material is extremely graphic.

I’ve heard some fans already saying that they hope that Invincible skins mean that The Boys skins might be coming soon enough here. We have already seen Homelander, Starlight and Black Noir in Call of Duty, and both Homelander and Omni-Man are in Mortal Kombat 1 this year. I don’t know if those deals mean The Boys characters can’t appear elsewhere for a bit, but if I had to wager a guess, we will probably see them in Fortnite at some point. Maybe for The Boys season 4 next year.

As for Invincible, tonight will be the third of four initial episodes of season 2 before a break, and the others will air in 2024. The show has not lost a step with its dip into the multiverse, which is not trend-following, but an adaptation of a very good storyline. These skins will hit the shop soon, stay tuned.

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