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There is no doubt that AI usage has rapidly evolved in a short time since the launch of software such as ChatGPT, including many people using it to manage their money.

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With seemingly every major tech company releasing AI software, there are limitless options to choose. And with this AI software comes navigating changes happening to the we work and earn money. Here’s how AI tools are creating changes in the workforce — and what that could mean for you and your finances.

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What Are AI Tools?

“[An AI tool] is a software application that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to perform specific tasks and solve problems,” said Synthesia, an AI video-generation platform, in an article. AI tools have several functions, such as translating text, drafting emails and creating text labels for videos.

Beyond the popular ChatGPT, Microsft Copilot, Meta AI and Adobe Premiere Pro are popular AI tools used in everyday life and within corporate environments.

AI Tools are Changing How We Work

Companies are now implementing AI tools like Microsoft Copilot into their daily workflow. The transition into using AI has varied depending on the company’s knowledge of the subject and how AI is introduced.

“The best way to extract value from AI is to fully understand why you’re using it in the first place,” said an article in Forbes Magazine. “This rests on how it aligns with your purpose and the desired outcomes that make your organization unique.”

Some employees may perceive AI as a threat, a sinister tool that could one day take over their current role. Other people will embrace AI, seeing it as a useful service that can improve their productivity and work-life balance.

“To make adoption decisions fairly, we recommend that organizations apply a diversity and inclusion lens,” the Forbes Magazine article said. “This avoids the risk of unwanted ‘AI divides’ and instead lets you close digital skills gaps to empower employees with specific needs.”

Ultimately, AI is here to stay, and many companies will implement — or have already started implementing — AI tools. Whether or not the transition into using AI is smooth depends on the approach of each company.

Using AI Tools To Earn Money

While AI is changing our professional lives, it also has the potential to alter our personal lives.

Marcus Campbell, the content creator behind the channel affiliatemarketingmc, earns money through side gigs and generating clicks using search engine optimization (SEO). He does this by utilizing Microsoft Copilot.

But how exactly does Copilot help him maximize his profit?

First, Campbell uses Copilot to filter data that will help him find SEO keywords. “It’s going to be a lot more robust as time goes on, but, we can use Copilot to help us come up with formulas and sort data,” said Campbell in his YouTube video.

Campbell then finds SEO keywords online and uses the Copilot feature on Excel to sort through the data and find unique keywords that would put him on the top of Google searches when promoting his business. Additionally, Campbell demonstrates that Copilot is a way to create advertisements that he can then be compensated for using the platform ClickBank or other affiliate marketing hubs.

“I find something like [online writing jobs] that I want to promote,” he said.

He uses the Copilot function in PowerPoint to generate a new presentation promoting online writing jobs from scratch. For each user who signs up via his PowerPoint presentation, he earns $87 — all because he used Copilot to generate a slide deck for him.

Copilot has various uses and can be found in all of Microsoft’s services. With Copilot, earning side income becomes significantly easier.

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