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We know employees aren’t above using artificial intelligence to help them during the work day, but where are they seeking the most support?

Fifty-six percent of employees use AI daily, according to a recent study from UKG. In an effort to reveal how they’re using those tech tools, AI productivity platform Plus Docs analyzed Google searches over the last 12 months related to using AI for work tasks, and ranked the most searched for terms to identify the most popular uses of AI.

“It is clear the most common use of AI is for writing-related tasks, which is what usually comes to mind when people think of the benefits of the technology,” Daniel Li, CEO and co-founder of Plus Docs said in a release. “ChatGPT [for example] can be used to generate a first draft of a PowerPoint presentation, giving you a starting point to expand from and saving you time by cutting out the initial phase of pondering where to begin.”

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According to Plus Docs, “AI writer” was by far the most searched-for term at an average of 61,833 searches each month. Terms such as “AI content writer” and “AI email generator” also made the list, as well as “AI grammar check.” 

Using AI at work — especially for written tasks — can help boost employee productivity by cutting out the time it would take for them to find inspiration for a project, according to Li. But it doesn’t come without its fair share of risks. 

“It’s important not to become overly accepting of everything AI provides,” Li said. “You still need to fact-check, as AI may not be able to access the most up-to-date data and you may have to source this yourself. Finding this balance ensures you are still providing accurate information to your coworkers, whilst still speeding up the process.” 

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