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IBM to drive enterprise-ready AI adoption at scale in collaboration with NVIDIA

By Blaine Dolph | IBM Fellow, Chief Technology Officer, Assets, Offerings and Industries, IBM Consulting

March 18, 2024

Less than half of executives say their organizations have identified specific innovation use cases for generative AI, according to a recent IBM Institute for Business Value study. For enterprises to deploy explainable AI at scale, they must remember AI is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and requires finetuned, trained models with quality data to maximize the technology. Enterprises need a combination of the right partners with technical and domain-specific expertise to unlock its full potential.

With this exciting opportunity ahead, we’re proud to share that IBM Consulting has joined forces with NVIDIA to help clients solve complex business challenges and accelerate their transformation journeys with AI in an open ecosystem.

We will bring together IBM Consulting’s deep industry and technology expertise with NVIDIA technologies like NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, including new NVIDIA NIM microservices and NVIDIA Omniverse. This will help streamline AI workflows, enhance use case-to-model optimization and develop business- and industry-specific AI use cases aimed at helping clients accelerate the adoption of generative AI across enterprises, including those in the public, banking and industrial sectors.

Pairing NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, like NIM microservices, NVIDIA TensorRT, NVIDIA Triton Inference Server, NVIDIA accelerated computing and NVIDIA Jetson, with IBM Consulting’s expertise spanning strategy, experience design, technology, and operations, we can build scalable and deployable AI workloads. Clients can run their applications in a variety of hybrid, multi-cloud architectures to deliver value from the edge to the cloud based on a client’s technology stack and business needs. Future anticipated projects include optimizing IBM Consulting Advantage, our multi-model AI services platform, for NVIDIA’s technology stack.  

“Generative AI, robotics and digital twins are transformative technologies, and enterprise-grade software and support are key to deploying them in production,” said John Fanelli, vice president, enterprise software at NVIDIA. “This collaboration with IBM Consulting will help businesses across industries unlock new opportunities with AI and simulation using full-stack software and accelerated computing.”

IBM Consulting is already building and delivering digital twin applications using NVIDIA Isaac Sim and NVIDIA Omniverse to orchestrate multi-agent robotic environments in supply chain and manufacturing. These groundbreaking applications of digital twins aim to fuel the industrial metaverse, enabling clients to virtually test, experiment and optimize real-world assets.

Our 160,000 consultants embrace an open way of working and apply our proven, collaborative engagement model, IBM Garage, to scale ideas into outcomes. We believe an open ecosystem approach can lead to meaningful innovation and business transformation for clients. This collaboration with NVIDIA underscores our commitment to scale the impact of AI with a client’s trusted data in an open ecosystem.

Statements regarding IBM’s future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only.

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