Influencer hoping for hot pic running with horses suffers epic fail: ‘Dangerous and stupid’ – New York Post

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Can we all agree that horsing around for social media clout isn’t a wise decision —Yay or Neigh?

Immortalizing oneself in a photographic masterwork for digital acclaim is every wannabe influencer’s wildest dream. 

But rather than getting a stunning shot while strolling amongst a herd of unbridled horses, one animal-loving pinup got trampled to the ground in an epically frightful photoshoot fail. 

“What the f- -k was she thinking?,” questioned a curious commenter beneath trending Instagram footage of an unnamed woman narrowly escaping death by hooves during an ill-fated photo op on the picturesque sands of Cappadocia, Turkey. 

The chaotic clip, which was originally shared by Cappadocia photographer Ahmet Kürkcu in October 2022, scared up a staggering 4.3 million views after recently earning viral resurrection on “Influencers in the Wild” — an Instagram account dedicated to poking lighthearted fun at desperate content creators and their behind-the-scene blunders.

A content creator was almost trampled to death during a nearly fatal photoshoot with wild horses in Turkey.
Instagram / @influencersinthewild

In the eye-popping post, a barefooted brunette in a red mini dress is seen strutting through the galloping gang of stallions — which, on average can weigh between 1,100 to 1,300 pounds each depending on breed and health, per equestrian experts — presumably hoping to snap an iconic frame. 

Instead, the cameraman captured a stomping steed colliding into the would-be model, knocking her to the ground as the horses continued running. 

And rather than extending a little sympathy towards the stampeded siren, cyber naysayers mercilessly scolded the thrill seeker for risking her life for the sake of social media likes. 

The chaotic clip was originally shared by Cappadocia photographer Ahmet Kürkcu in October 2022.
Instagram / @influencersinthewild

“The horses don’t care about your content girl,” crooked a critic. 

“Imagine thinking that you are such a main character that you believe that you can walk through a stampede of horses and you will be fine,” another scoffed. 

“Her dream of being ‘swept off the feet by a handsome stallion,’ finally came true,” teaser a separate joker.  

“Her dream of being ‘swept off the feet by a handsome stallion,’ finally came true,” teaser a joker.  
Instagram / @influencersinthewild

“That s- -t is extremely dangerous and stupid,” wrote another. “She could have been trampled to death.”

Tragically, this daredevil diva isn’t the only trendsetter to miraculously sidestep a grim fate during an unadvisable horseplay. 

Marina Rivera, a Spanish social media star, nearly met a watery grave in the name of fame after posing for a pic in a deadly cave along the Canary Islands in September. And this month, tourist Gian Carlo Triacca, 42, from Mexico, sustained several broken ribs while attempting to get a snapshot with a deer during his vacation in Greece. 

On average, an adult horse can weigh upward of 1,200 pounds depending on its age, breed and health, according to experts.

“I was taking a picture of a small deer that was stood in front of me, when suddenly a big male deer attacked me in the back,” said Triacca of the life-threatening encounter. 

“I was in so much shock and pain after it happened.”

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