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On Monday at the HIMSS conference in Orlando, health data analytics company Innovaccer unveiled a preview of its AI copilot for providers, which is slated to go on the market by the end of 2024. 

Innovaccer’s new AI companion is a portable tablet device designed to provide clinicians with point-of-care support. Its goal is to “digitally transform ambulatory practices and clinics and bring back the joy of medicine,” according to Kanav Hasija, co-founder and chief product officer at Innovaccer.

“We see restaurants, banks and retail stores have transformed digitally — but not healthcare clinics,” he declared.

By analyzing a patient’s medical history, the AI tool can quickly bring important care and coding gaps to a provider’s attention, Hasija noted.

For example, it could flag that a 55 year-old woman hasn’t had a breast cancer screening in the past three years. Additionally, it could alert a clinician about a patient who has an elevated A1C level and is taking diabetic medications but hasn’t coded as a diabetic patient in their medical records for some time, he explained.

Innovaccer’s new tool also records the patient-provider conversation, transcribes it and creates the note for EHR documentation. Using the recording of the patient-provider conversation and the patient’s medical data, the AI companion can advise clinicians on possible diagnosis pathways to consider.

At the end of a patient-provider visit, the tool generates a list of recommended order sets like medications and labs, as well as book the appointment with any specialists the clinician may have referred their patient to go see, Hasija added.

“It acts as a centralized platform for accessing patient charts, clinical data and research insights, eliminating the need for multiple tools or systems,” he remarked.

To Hasija, this is what sets Innovaccer’s tool apart from other AI tools on the market that also support clinicians at the point of care, such as those sold by Regard, DeepScribe and Abridge

“While some tools may offer individual features such as transcription or diagnosis suggestions, the companion combines multiple functionalities into a single, user-friendly platform,” he stated.

He also noted that Innovaccer’s product “sits on top of” the EHR, thus allowing clinicians to use it without a login or any clicks.

In addition to the preview of its new AI tool, Innovaccer also announced upgrades to its analytics suite to better help providers thrive in value-based care arrangements.

With the upgrade, the analytics suite now houses all metrics relevant to value-based care success, Hasija pointed out. These include metrics associated with cost, utilization, quality and risk. 

The software upgrades are designed to help providers better benchmark, predict and triage — the suite doesn’t stop at telling providers how they are doing, but rather helps them compare their performance to others, predict their scores and know which patients to reach out to first, he explained.

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