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Over 50% of the supply chain leaders’ patents are now in AI/ML

OTTAWA, Ontario, March 12, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kinaxis (TSX:KXS), the global leader in supply chain orchestration, and a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), has been laying the groundwork for continued success in the industry through a rapidly growing patent portfolio. Over the past five years, the company’s patent portfolio has grown by more than 500% and as of today, 55% of the portfolio is for AI and ML-based innovations.

The exponential growth comes as a direct result of significant investments in research and development as part of the company’s commitment to strengthen its leadership position as a trusted technology provider to chief supply chain officers globally. As part of a robust innovation program, Kinaxis continues rolling out a steady stream of AI- and ML-powered capabilities, which empower its 40,000 users to build the most intelligent supply chains on the planet.

Kinaxis uses AI innovation to drive better results while maintaining the speed and agility required to navigate modern supply chain challenges – by generating prescriptive recommendations, predicting and surfacing insights, automating processes and enhancing productivity through its platform. This human-centred approach puts people first, augmenting their capabilities to support faster and more informed decision making.

“Kinaxis has always been about making life easier for the people behind supply chains and the people they serve, and our patent portfolio is a strong indicator of our success innovating in this space,” said Chantal Bisson-Krol, vice president of AI & ML solutions at Kinaxis. “Our approach to innovating with AI/ML is no different. Our solutions are purpose-built, ensuring AI augments the people using it, so they can make decisions with more speed and accuracy. The recent AI patent growth we’ve seen demonstrates that this approach is working.”

“In an era where supply chains are increasingly complex and where agility, resilience, and sustainability are imperatives, the companies that best leverage AI/ML to enhance the capabilities of their supply chain teams will emerge as leaders,” said Tariq Farooq, former chief supply chain officer at Sanofi. “Kinaxis has a laser-like approach to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and the growth of its AI/ML patent portfolio make it well-placed to support their client teams in their supply chain transformations.”

Pending and issued patents cover all aspects of Kinaxis technology, examples of which include:

  • Dynamic Demand Sensing patents that provide better understanding of how both internal (e.g. frequent price changes, new product introductions, changes to promotional plans) and external factors (e.g. weather, shifts in consumer behavior, local/national events) are influencing short- and long-term demand for their products.

  • Patents that significantly expedite the various tasks in a ML workflow, providing timely responses and insights for retail scale data.

Kinaxis’ AI-powered technology and patented concurrency technique allows companies to orchestrate their supply chain network end-to-end from strategic planning to last-mile delivery. Kinaxis technology helps companies supply the agricultural industry with 40% of the world’s tractors, helps keep more than 110,000,000,000 teeth clean each year, and ensures more than 35 million pets are fed nutritious meals each year.

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About Kinaxis

Kinaxis is a global leader in modern supply chain management. We serve supply chains and the people who manage them in service of humanity. Our software is trusted by renowned global brands to provide the agility and predictability needed to navigate today’s volatility and disruption. We combine our patented concurrency technique with a human-centered approach to AI to empower businesses of all sizes to orchestrate their end-to-end supply chain network, from multi-year strategic planning through down-to-the-second execution and last-mile delivery. For more news and information, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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