Is Kate Middleton’s latest photo AI generated? Fans think so and here’s why… –

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Kate Middleton is back! Or is she? Fans declare her latest photo release following undisclosed abdominal surgery is artificially generated meaning the conspiracies surrounding her health will continue to rage on in some circles.

The Princess of Wales hasn’t been spotted in public since Christmas but news has been particularly scarce since her surgery at The London Clinic in January outside of sporadic releases from Kensington Palace essentially confirming she isn’t actually dead.


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Middleton is a keen photography enthusiast, with her content being likened to official and professional photographers for the family. She regularly takes images of her children as they grow up and she’s also taken photos of Queen Camilla, notably when she turned 75.

But now she has become the subject of the photo instead as Prince William, her husband, took a snap of her and their three children (George, Charlotte and Louis) and it has been released to the public to ward off any conspiracies and theories about how her health might be.

“Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day,” she wrote on an official Instagram post, signing off as ‘C’ for Catherine.

Fans react to the alleged AI photo

So, she appears as though she’s actually okay although some commentators are doubting the validity of the snap as they took to Vogue’s Instagram page to slam the photo as an attempt to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

One user posted, “This is not a recent pic. She is still missing.”

Whilst a second commented, “I believe this is an old photo from last Mother’s Day 2023.”

A third wrote, “I mean… This could had been taken a while ago lmao they’re just trying to do damage control.”

A fourth declared, “With all that money they could do a better photoshop.”

And a fifth bluntly said, “Looks like AI.”

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