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Israel is using secret AI software to create kill lists in Gaza, according to an Israeli media investigation citing military intelligence sources.

The investigation from +972 Magazine and Local Call found that the program named “Lavender” used broad parameters to identify potential targets, designating about 37,000 people for potential air strikes.

The program uses machine learning to identify characteristics of militants and assigned people a score of 1-100, according to military sources, based on factors including association with suspected militants and frequently changing their phone.

Lavender was subject to minimal oversight, the investigation found, with targeting decisions typically approved in about 20 seconds. Commanders accepted an “error” rate of about 10 per cent, sources said. “We only checked that it was a man,” one soldier said.

The program, which identifies low-level suspects as well as high-value targets, was supplemented by other pieces of software. One tool called “Where’s Daddy” was reportedly used to track suspects, with many assassinations carried out at their homes.

“It’s much easier to bomb a family’s home,” one military source was quoted as saying. “The system is built to look for them in these situations”.

Rules on collateral damage were reportedly relaxed to allow higher numbers of civilian casualties during such strikes, even for low-level targets.

An Israel Defence Forces spokesperson rejected the claims, saying AI was only used as “auxiliary tools that assist officers in the process of incrimination”, and denied that much of the military’s decision-making was outsourced to machines.

The Lavender report follows previous revelations over Israel’s use of a program dubbed “Gospel”, which reportedly functions in a similar way but for buildings rather than individuals.

Israel has faced criticism from foreign governments and humanitarian groups over its targeting practices, with more than 32,000 Palestinians killed since 7 October, as well as hundreds of journalists and aid workers, including the seven World Central Kitchen workers.

Israel launched the war in Gaza after the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched an attack on southern Israel, killing 1,200 people and taking more than 250 hostage.

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