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HONG KONG, CHINA, March 10th, 2024, Chainwire

JDI Group and Tensor Launches $20M Phoenix AI Ecosystem Fund

Leading DePIN investment and hardware manufacturing group JDI alongside Asia-based AI trading and technology firm Tensor have invested $20 million to form the Phoenix AI Ecosystem Fund, a strategic developmenat fund for both accelerating growth of the Phoenix AI application ecosystem as well as investing in AI compute infrastructure hardware.

Phoenix, a decentralized AI infrastructure platform, has already a variety of use-case focused applications such a generative AI, large language models (LLM), machine vision, AI quant trading, and machine learning analytics deployed on its AI elastic compute platform SkyNet. Various ecosystem partners, such as Web 3 projects, exchanges, and DEXs, also have started leveraging Phoenix’s AI capabilities to enhance value-creation for their users.

Half of the AI Ecosystem Fund will be used to invest, incubate, and nurture new applications and AI ecosystem partners to build on Phoenix’s AI platform. Areas of investment would include AI-enabled DeFi, trading, Web 3 gaming, metaverse, and content creation verticals.

Additional to accelerating new applications running on Phoenix, the other part of the AI Ecosystem Fund is for investment in the development of the hardware infrastructure and physical infrastructure needed to rapidly scale and grow Phoenix’s AI compute network. JDI has always been focused on R&D of DePIN hardware. Its subsidiary Bobber.com, the hardware company behind Helium’s hotspot infrastructure, now has shifted its focus on producing first-of-its-kind proprietary AI compute nodes for Phoenix, a lightweight computing machine called PhoenixNode.

The AI Ecosystem Fund will invest in the R&D of PhoenixNode units as well as the research and development of proprietary higher caliber AI compute units for later stages. It will also be funding niche co-location centers, or mini datacenters, run by independent operators catered specifically for Phoenix AI compute units, including PhoenixNodes. Phoenix has mentioned that it will partner with established co-location partners and datacenters as well. Owners of PhoenixNode units and other Phoenix compute units will have the choice of either to host the nodes in their office or residential local networks, independent colocation centers, or with global datacenter partners.

“With Phoenix, we have taken a very unique approach to AI. First it’s about the infrastructure – it’s not only about the best GPUs but rather scalability and sustainability in the long run. That’s why we’ve developed cost-effective AI computing nodes that can be scaled in numbers, as well as accessible to almost everyone to own. Second it’s about the AI applications and value – you can only lease GPUs at a margin, but the value created by AI applications is exponentially greater”, said Yiming Wang, the CEO of JDI.

About Phoenix

Phoenix is a decentralized AI elastic compute infrastructure, and smart auto-scaling network for AI.


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